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V-Cymbals compatible with Ddrum4??

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  • V-Cymbals compatible with Ddrum4??

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not you can use V-cymbals on the Ddrum4 system by Clavia. I think the V-cymbals are superior, but I went ahead and bought the Ddrum system a while back.

    If they aren't compatible, does anyone know if Clavia plans on coming out with similar cymbals? (I know this is a Vdrums site....I hope my Ddrum -talk is not unwelcome)...



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    Joel -

    Vdrum cymbals are not fully compatible with ddrum brains because they are designed differently. FWIW, you will not be able to get positional sensing or choking like you could with ddrum cymbal pads. No word on when Clavia will release updated cymbal pads...but I wouldn't hold my breath .
    Currently, there are no e-cymbal manufacturers that offer cymbal pads fully compatable with ddrum brains. However, the folks who make Visulite cymbals have expressed some interest in taking a look at it...Kyrrinstoch over at ddrums.com spoke with them about it: http://www.ddrums.com/discussion/For...ML/000138.html
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      Thanks for the info. I didn't know there was a ddrums.com site. Cool....


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        any drum discussion is always welcome here.........no worries
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