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Need help with Hookin' TD10 And Akai S5k...Will Pay $$!!!

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  • Need help with Hookin' TD10 And Akai S5k...Will Pay $$!!!

    -Sorry for the croospost but i'm kinda in a bind.
    Here's what I'm trying to do.
    I'm trying to trigger 2 and 4 bar loops off of an Akai
    S5000 From a TD10.
    There are alot of synth arp's as well as some beatloops.
    Due to the fact that I'm not very familiar with both pieces and being a Midiot, I need some technical assistance.
    I'm located in NYC. I need to get this rig going so that I can start gigging with my band.
    I'm willing to pay for some hands on technical assistance.
    If any of you guys fit the bill, please e-mail me at...
    [email protected]
    thanx in advance!