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Playing the rim of the PD5 and PD7?

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  • Playing the rim of the PD5 and PD7?

    Hi all,

    You know I've been having trouble with crosstalk uisng live cymbals on my expanded v-pro kit......Sooooo......I decided last night after screwing around with every possible setting I could, to go all electronic. One of the main reasons I never really used the pads much for cymbals is because I didn't like how they seemed to cut out when playing the rim. I have a PD9 set up now for a lite ride and the rim is the bell. Is there a secret to either setting the sensitivity on the pads (especially the rim) or perhaps I might even be playing it wrong. I'd appreciate any input!



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    The pad and rim share a sensitivity setting - you can't adjust them independent of each other. Personally, I have my sensitivity set high for the ride. I believe it is somewhere around 9 or 10. They say to trigger the rim, you should really be hitting the pad and rim at the same time. I find that isn't necessary for the bells. You'll find with sens. up, and hitting the rim at just the right angle, the bell comes in loud and clear. Also, there are two bell choices. I use the "RdX" bell which gives you cymbal if hit light and bell if heavy. Once you get used to it, it's pretty natural (for me). For settings, see pg 110 of the manual.

    An advantage to the higher sens. settings is you can hit lighter which reduces the tendonitis problem a lot of people see with hard, static pads. Also, with some cymbal sounds, a roll on the center of the pad with varying pressure will give controlled cymbal swells. They record pretty nice too.

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