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help adding pads

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  • help adding pads

    I have a TD-6, the tom3 input also says auxilary, and I believe 2 pads can be connected to this one input jack?,, What do I need to do this?, a Y cable?

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      This cable has several different names (send/return, insert cable, etc). Basically what you want is a cable with a stereo male end to plug into the TD-6, and two mono ends to go to the two pads (probably easiest if you get female and just plug mono cords from the pads into them).

      The Guitar Center next to me has every cable imaginable, except for these. I haven't put much more effort into finding one, I'm sure they're not that hard to find. Good luck!


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        Originally posted by c. jude:
        That is not exactly what a send/return cable is, as I have said before. My Guitar Center carries several kinds though, as does Musician's Friend online and most other music retailers.
        Man, listen to you sounding off like you know what's what! Ah, if only Dr. Kildrum where here to put you in your place...

        Anyway, check out these links for more information:




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          Thanks everyone your your help