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PA Systems help needed

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  • PA Systems help needed

    I have a v-club kit (with an extra CY-6, thank you) and I'm looking for a good sounding pa system for around 350 - 500 bucks (speakers included) for PRACTICE.
    Please cut and paste the following link and tell me if its good enough, I know nothing about pa systems and watts and all that junk, I just play the drums. Are 15 inch woofers good enough?, enought watts, will I blow it up?, HELP!!!!!!

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    I think for practice that that PA setup should be ok. I'm not familiar with the brand or any specs on that equipment.

    You may also want to look at the JBL & Mackie powered speakers. Many people here use one of the two lines and would give you their vote of confidence.

    Try to use the search function and look for JBL EONs, Mackie SRM450s or powered speakers.

    Good Luck!


    (Weapon of Mass Percussion)


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      Thanks Matt, I did see all the ravings about the Mackie SRM450 speakers, 700 for 1 speaker just dosen't seem right for practice, I would like to have 2 speakers and shelling out $1400 for two Mackie SRM450's is pushing my bank account.



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        As Dr. -- uh, I mean Jude -- suggests, it would be wise to go down to your local music store and do some auditioning first. It may turn out that one powered speaker is more than enough. The JBL can be had for about $550 US, the Mackie for about $650. The JBL also has 1/4" input (in addition to XLR) and a built-in EQ, which is a plus if you don't have a mixer.

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        Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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          Thanks for all your input, I will prob end up getting one Macke SRM450 for now, as long as you guys think its good enough to practice with a band.

          Oh yea, where can i get one for 650, every where i look its 700

          Thanks everyone


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            The only place you can probably get one for that price is on ebay and it'll probably be used. You can however get a brand new JBL Eon G2 for about $525-550. I have one for my set and it sounds great.


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              I have 2 Mackie C300 speakers and the Mackie M1400i amp and a Mackie 1642 mixer....I had the PA out in a park using it for a wedding. I was the keyboardist. I used a SM58 in front of the bride and groom and officient to amplify the service. All 200+ people heard the service and my playing fine. I am happy with the setup...but...it is much more than what you stated for a budget. The SRM450s sound great though..and would easily add to any PA setup.
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                Oh...the C300 is the SRM450 without internal amplifiers..or is it the SRM450 is the C300 with amplifiers and a bass booster. Anyways...they look about the same. Except for the power cord hanging from the SRM450.
                Other gear:Roland: A90ex, DR-770, XV-5080 w/SRX1-4, MC80ex, VS-2480, Mackie: 1642, M1400i, 2ea C-300


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                  I am using some peavey sp1 speakers and an
                  old peavey power amp.The drums sound great.
                  The JBL TR125's are about 239.00 each,but
                  you will have to buy an amp.I am thinking
                  about buying the 125's and replacing the
                  old SP1's.I also use some altec lansing
                  voice of theatres from time to time.Big
                  speaker,big sound.Always listen to the system
                  BEFORE buying it.


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                    I bought my SRM450 for $649 at GC in Chicago Subs. I also bought a BBE882 with it so they may have given me a better deal. I got the BBE for $279.

                    Richie C