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TD10exp with ddrum-triggers

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  • TD10exp with ddrum-triggers

    I have 2 questions:
    first can I use a ddrum snaretrigger and get a snaresound and a rimshot-sound out of the TD-10 or does this trigger don't match with the td-10?

    second I have a kick with a triggerperfect-trigger mounted on it.
    The prob is that sometimes he doesn't trigger the td-10?
    Has any one experienced the same very annoying problem, and what can I do about it besides buy a new trigger or pad.

    Thanx for your input


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    I am not sure. The <font color=ff0000>ddrum</font> snare trigger uses one stereo cable as well but isn't the snare input on the Roland td-10 fine-tuned for the PD-120? And doesn't this pad have a piezo trigger under the drum head and a FSR trigger in the rim? I forgot.

    I also remember a post from a member here who had some problems with ddrum triggers on the TD-10 module. I don't say this often: but please use the search function.

    For the bass drum: <font color=ffff44>Trigger Perfect</font> triggers are quite good as well. Did you choose the right trigger mode and pump up the sensitivity, and lower the treshold as well. Does the trigger properly touches the bass drum head or is the bass drum head so loosen tensioned that is flies away with every strike as a result of which it doesn't touch the trigger when giving a second strike afterwards?


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      Thanx for your fast reply.
      You're right there were posts on the ddrum snaretrigger, it works...but with 2 triggerinputs but not with the rimtrigger, so be it.

      I have set all the parameters quite right I think.
      My basdrumhead is reasonably tight and I use a small 18" bassdrum so it has to trigger quite exeptable.
      Maybe my trigger is a bit f**cked up?
      ...or it moves away from the head or so, maybe there are similar findings amongst others??

      BTW: Does the ddrum-BDtrigger react good with the td-10exp and does it last, I mean does it stay in good condition.

      Grtz. Phze


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        I have a trigger on my kick but I also have a mesh head so I'm no sure if this will help you at all. I had to bring the sensitivity up a bit to get peak. Then to solve the false triggering problems I also had to come up on the mask time and a bit on the retrigger. If you get a real quick buzz type false triggering its the mask time probably. Pad type is kik. All this might be worthless on a regular head but you could give it a shot.

        On the snare, I believe the only way you will get a second piezo to sound is with the PD-120 or PD-80R pad settings. The snare (acoustic) setting will not sense the rim maybe? Not at home with my stuff.


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          Originally posted by purplehaze:
          BTW: Does the ddrum-BDtrigger react good with the td-10exp and does it last, I mean does it stay in good condition.
          Yes, it is a good trigger with a very solid housing.