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  • Hello


    I'm semi new to electronics, having purchased
    the Roland Custom(5pc. w/TD8) set in early
    2001. Previously, I played SONOR for 25+ years. As I become more familiar with the TD8, I can see the various sounds beginning
    to appear to my liking.

    However, I was asked if I could provide individual pad signals to a mixer en-route to a PA system. I am aware of the ability to
    separate (L-R) the pad signals, but don't believe the individual pad separation mentioned is possible? The requestor of this
    requirement claims he worked with another
    E/V-drummer which was able to accomplish this, although he knows nothing of the prior equipment.

    Any ideas??

    Also, I've been reading on the BBE, but can't
    fully understand the BBE meaning. Is BBE the
    name of the company manufacturing these "sound optimizers", or something else.

    I have also purchased 1 JBL EON G2 monitor(recommended from this site), but the
    group requires common input into this mixer/PA system(which seems dynamically tailored to guitars, and doesn't sound nearly as well as the JBL).

    Thank you - Gary Walker

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    Hi Gary,

    Welcome. The TD-10 provides the most outputs of the Roland modules, but still only gives you 4 pairs, (not enough for one for every drum). You can assign drums to the direct outs you have (i.e separate channel for cymbals, etc., but that is likely as good as it will get without a pretty elaborate fix).

    BBE is the name of the company that makes the sonic maximizers that you have heard about. Check out www.bbesound.com. There are others too.

    You should be able to use your JBL for a monitor for you and send a line out to the band as well.


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      Hi, since the good Doc answered all your questions already, I will just say hello and welcome you to the board. Tell us more about yourself. It's always nice to have a new face to share ideas.


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        Thank you, dr. kildrum, for the information.



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          Thank you, "FloridaDrummer", for your interest.

          I can see by your site that we have a number
          of issues in common:

          . Left handed play
          "But unfortunately, I play right handed".
          . I also have a Yamaha keyboard in my play
          area. But, mine is still waiting to be
          . You've already adopted my plan of moving
          to a portable CD player, probably after
          giving up on the stationary model skips.
          . Your play area looks a lot like mine, minus

          Thanks again for the query, I'm sure I will
          have many more questions. After a little more
          "sonic maximizer" research, I will return for



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            A lefty playing traitor. . Your in good company, Ringo Star is a lefty that plays righty.

            good luck with the keyboard, while you can get away with it much more on drums, a lefty keyboard player is extremely hard because you are doing the bass cords with you dominate hand while doing the intricate stuff with your weaker, it takes much more practice to relearn your hands. I'm not very good but I keep trying.

            Welcome, it's nice to have a "Normal Handed Player" around.