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MIDI interface

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  • MIDI interface

    I wanted to utilize some of the drum patches listed in this awesome website! I realized that my laptop doesn't have a MIDI interface. I looked around for some USB MIDI interfaces. What about the MIDIsport by MIDIMAN (2X2)?

    Also, could anyone provide some general examples and explanations of how I could use the TD-10 via MIDI with the KORG Triton PRO?

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    I currently use a MidiMan MidiSport 1X1 USB with a Roland JV and a Dell laptop for demonstration purposes (I'm a teacher), and it works fine. I've heard of some problems with the big MIDI guns like Cubase working with MIDI patch devices, but so far my MOTU MicroExpress (it uses an LPT interface) seems to play nicely with Cubase VST/32 on my desktop.

    I'm no help with your other interest, except to say that I'm sure it's possible.
    - Bertrand Russell


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      Thanks for your advice.

      I'll try out the MIDIsport and if it doesn't work out...I'll return it.


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        USB to midi in/out manufacturer: RolandED models # UM-1, UM-2, UM-4
        Other gear:Roland: A90ex, DR-770, XV-5080 w/SRX1-4, MC80ex, VS-2480, Mackie: 1642, M1400i, 2ea C-300