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having trouble w/ Line outs on TD-10

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  • having trouble w/ Line outs on TD-10

    Hi, I'm new to the td-10, I recently bought a v-concert kit, I absolutely love them, especially when I got the upgrade. the only thing to do now is to get a sampler to record some real cymbals with naturally long decays, I don't care for the roland crashes...but anywho, here's my problem..

    when assigning certain pads to outputs, I still get a bleed through from the main outs as well, it's very faint, but still there. I'm running the drums to the mixer mono, as our pa is ran mono, is this the reason ?, if I ran it stereo would this bleed through disappear ? or should you not even use the main outs when use the other 3 pair of outs ?? please help !!! this is driving me nuts, I want complete seperation in the mixer...thanks, Josh
    Roland V-concert, Hart e-cymbal II's, drumKAT, trapKAT, midiKITI, emu 5000 ultra, ddrum4, Gibralter rack

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    Hi dw4
    I`ll presume that your not talking about the effects returns that are splilling.
    Heres an old thread that may shed some light.


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      Try shutting off all effects and ambience and running everything dry. If you think running in stereo might solve the problem, then try it. You also might try recording with the Mains and Direct Outs routed to different ins/outs on the mixer recording system to see what changes increase/reduce/eliminate the bleeding.


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        While the drum sounds are going thru the direct outs. The effects and other stuff are still set for the master. Change the effects to 0 and increase the effects on the Direct Outs you are using. That will solve your problem.


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          The ambeince sends is what is bleeding over. This is the only thing that goes to the direct out. The effects are only in the master outs. Ambience is where most the bleed comes from. This should relly not be much of a problem live. We had some in the studio but it did not cause that much of a problem.

          Ted H.
          Ted H.


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            The bleed over from the ambience can be changed. Hit the studio button, then F4 (Ambnce) then F3 (Amblvl) and dial down the master volume and dial up the direct outs to the volume number from the master volume.