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The unanswerable "click" sync question???

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  • The unanswerable "click" sync question???

    Seems I may have asked a question noone can answer as this has been posted for 4 days with no replies. I'll try again - Does anyone know how I can set up my TD-10 so that the metronome "click" starts when it recieves a midi start-sync signal from an external device. My problem is I use an external sequencer (MPC 2000) and I want a click in my ear to cue me in. If I press click I get a constant click which I don't want (it drives me mad). I know how to start an internal sequence from an external device but not the click on it's own. Phew, I hope that makes sense to someone.

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    Do you only want a click to start a measure before the music and then stop when the music starts? If that is the case, I'm not sure how you can do that. Perhaps there is a metronome parameter on your external sequencer to set the click as a 1 bar intro and then stop when the actual sequensc begins.
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      The click function is mainly used for the onboard sequencer ,but as always theres always a way.
      Record a pattern on the module with just quarter notes or whatever type of click you want then set the global sync mode to "External".
      Now when you hit play on your MPC you will get a click.
      You can assign your pattern to play any V-sound you want including the vocal counts.


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        Thanks guys, I'll try recording the pattern e-drummer suggested tonight, see how I get on and I'll let you know. I thought I had tried this solution but let me try again to be sure and I'll post an update.


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          OK, tried it and it's not the solution I'm looking for. If I record a click by playing it (either on a pad or via MIDI) on a blank seq it ends up coming out of the main system for all to hear. I want the signal just in my ear, if I try and mute the click by sending it to another output I loose the whole perc group. Any more thoughts?


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            If you dig really deep, you might be able to find if there is a way to embed a sysex 'start metronome' command in the beginning of your sequence. I don't have my manuals here (they're at the studio), so I can't look right now, but I'd check in the back of the book and see if there is a midi-implementation of a 'start/stop click' sysex command.

            If not, this is a feature Roland should add with their next firmware update.

            Otherwise, you could try routing one of your outputs back into the 'mix in' input on the TD-10 with short cable, and set your metronome pattern to be the only thing going out on that output.