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Midi problems with the DD-55

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  • Midi problems with the DD-55

    I recently got Yamaha's new DD-55 Digital Percussion unit, and syncing the pads to trigger my SP-808 through the DD-55's MIDI out is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. Please help!

    Basically, each drum sound has its own midi note/number and you can create a custom kit to trigger the pads on a sampler.

    But, while the pads trigger the samples in the set up mode, when I'm assembling the kit, THEY STOP triggering the samples once the kit is saved. I'd just play in the set-up mode, except that each time you hit a pad it moves to the next sound.

    I have to adjust this through the DD-55, since the SP-808 has its pad numbers set, and is pretty unflexible in that regard.

    Any advice? Has anyone successfully synced a sampler or computer to the DD-55?


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    You already asked this on another board and I sent you a relpy to it. Again if the reply doesn't help, then give very specific information on what you are doing. Ie, you really don't save a kit on that system, it does it automatically. Go thru step by step what you are doing if my other reply doesn't work.