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error messaage....

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  • error messaage....

    Can anyone help...I had my set of v-pro drums up and running fine. I then added 2 PD-7 pads, into the aux.'s on the module, played for awhile and decided to shut down and rerig all cables to clean up since I was happy with the placement of the pads. After rerunning cables, I turned the power switch on, hit a few pads and an Error Message appears: BOOT LOADER Update-Card or Expansion Board is not ready! Please, POWER-OFF and try again. Yes, this instrument is new to me and this,so far, is the only problem. I was reading this chat board 3 months before I purchased. It's one reason I decided to buy this set instead of something else. Thanks for the help!

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    Did you hit the pads before the brain had fully booted up (ie. before the selected kit was displayed in the LCD display)? If so...don't - this is the #1 rule re: VDrums!

    If this isn't the case . . . maybe someone else can help!

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      I really don't think that I even bumped a pad Andy, but if I did, then what?


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        Originally posted by capattack1:
        Please, POWER-OFF and try again.
        Did you do what it said? If not, try it and insure you follow Oz's advice. If message repeats, advise.

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          YES....I did TRY AGAIN, and this is why I am asking for advice. I wasn't asking for advice on if I should TRY AGAIN. The drums are new to me, but I am not new to drums or computers by no means. It just gives me this message every time I power up and it won't let me go any further with the TD10.


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            Didn't mean to be insulting. Some people prefer to stop until they get advice. Just wanted to see where you were.

            Retrace your actions no matter how simple. It worked, you did something with the wires. It stopped working. I'd say undo all connections, take just one cable and connect from snare to brain. Turn on. If same message or snare doesn't work, shut her down and call Roland. You are under warranty and for us to suggest you start checking under the hood might not be wise.
            Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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              I may be wrong, but I think this has come up before I found this in a post:

              Some more info regarding a past post...
              After inserting the TDW-1 I got a "BOOT LOADER" screen. It then updated my flash ROM firmware from version 1.05 to 2.11. The 2.11 firmware won't operate without the TDW-1 so you can't go back. However Roland says you can send the unit to them and they will load the old firmware on for no charge.

              I assume that you have an updated module (with the TDW-1). I don't so I'm not sure why this would happen.

              Hope that helps in some way, and Boingo was just trying to help, I'm certain he meant no offense.



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                Sorry Boingo that I sounded rude, I'm just frustrated after spending so much money on this, and not being able to play. I purchased it used, so I don't have a warranty.

                Chris, I believe it is just a TD-10, not TD-10Ex. At least it only says TD-10 on the module.

                Binary, I read the same post and was thinking along the same lines. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the TDW-1 expansion card, and I haven't heard from the seller as to whether it EVER had it. The peculiar thing is that it was working perfectly fine for a few days before starting up with this error message.

                Any other thoughts?


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                  not sure if this will work for you but ,I installed the tdw-1 on the weekend and the "BOOT LOADER" goes as follows:

                  Step 1 turn on the power.

                  The "boot loader" screen appears:

                  Boot loader Ver .1.00

                  Flash-rom Exp-board
                  ver.1.03 Ver.2.10
                  97/06/30 00/03/31

                  F1=Cancel F4=LOAD
                  --------------------------------------------- is this the screen your getting ? if so press F1 and cancel the install .

                  2. to perform the upgrade , press [F4 (LOAD)]
                  This will take 35 seconds so do not turn the power off until completed.
                  3. The "Load Complete!" screen will appear. Now turn off the power.
                  BOOT LOADER Ver.1.00
                  Ver .2.10

                  Load Completed !
                  Please , POWER-OFF.
                  4. Next,turn the power ON.
                  The "SYSTEM INITIALIZE" screen apears.
                  SYSTEM INITIALIZE
                  Clear all data and
                  load factory presets

                  Press "F4" to EXEC

                  5. Press [F4 (EXEC)]
                  The internal data will be initialized .50 new drum kits will be loaded.

                  NOTE: The expanded TD-10 does not work without the expansion board TDW-1.

                  All this is right out of the manual so if the first screen is the one your getting press ( F1 ) and cancel it. If that doesn't help phone roland.
                  GOOD LUCK ~REDMAN~


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                    You can run test mode and see if anything comes up.

                    Press and hold the chain and pattern buttos while turning the unit on. It should run you thru a test of every function on the module. This gets pretty confusing on the expanded unit though (be ready to push every button, have a memory card, footswitch and midi cable handy), I don't think it was so much on the unexpanded (just sit and wait). I take no responsibility for this post .

                    Did you try initializing the module?


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                      No apology needed. Pardon the expression, but I think a lot of us feel your pain. The question was lame, but ya never know how some people react under stress.

                      BtnkBndt's suggestion is worth a try. If no help, open the bottom and verify that you do/don't have the card. If yes, tighten that connection. If no, look for other obvious loose stuff. If you can't get through the boot, there is not much else to try. Try what I said earlier about disconnecting everything but one drum. Verify it's connected right. Don't assume anything. I don't know what else to tell you other than unplug the unit, disconnect the internal battery, wait an hour, reinstall battery and retry. It might take a call/trip to Roland's service dept. unless someone else comes through.
                      Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.