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td-8 Hart acusnare snafoo

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  • td-8 Hart acusnare snafoo

    I have a Hart studio BX that I use with a td-8, and I've been having this problem for quite some time now - a good 20% of the time that I hit a rim shot, it 'chokes' the sound, and I get a little bark instead of the correctly triggered sound. I've played around with settings on the module and currently have it set up with the optimum settings as posted on the Hart website - no luck. I've also messed around with head tensions with variations in the frequency of the barking, but none reducing it to an acceptable level (which I guess would be never!) I guess it seems as though one of the sounds (rim or head) must start barely before the other, and the other sound triggering immediately after chokes them both off. VERY ANNOYING! I've had some problems with the bass drum in the past and a call to Hart has been helpful - I will try them on Monday but I was hoping to get this taken care of over this weekend and thought maybe somebody here had a similar experience at some point. Thanks.

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    Be sure to let us (me) know what happens ...
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      Drop Hart an Email. They will get right back to you. I Emailed them once at 1 am and they Emailed me back in about 10 min. Hart is a great company to deal with.

      Good luck


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        Peter Hart emailed me and gave me an RA# to send them the drum and have and have them check it at no charge to me in what just seems to be a continuation of Hart's emphasis on customer satisfaction. I will let everyone know what the result is.


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          I have never bought a Hart product, but I must say, is there a better company to deal with. Is there anything that these guys won't do to make sure the customer is happy??? All I ever hear is, Hart did this or me at no charge. If all business in this country was handled the way Peter Hart does business......


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            They are far and away a breath of fresh air. If you ever come down to a coin toss on any product between them and someone else, all other things being equal in your mind, go with them. That's as free and willing an endorsement as I give (for free that is), and even that much is rare for me. Great folks. Great products. Wait, I'm starting to sound like szvook.


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              hee...hee hee hee.



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                Hart is definetly a great group of guys to deal with. But in the year I have used my Accusnare, I have never been able to use the rimshot or sidestick feature. No matter what the sensitivity setting or threshold are set at, they have always triggered randomly. So they are never turned on. I don't believe you have a problem with your drum. It's just the nature of the beast. Shortly after I recieved mine I sent it back for the same reason. And got it back doing the same exact thing. It would be nice to have the sidestick feature. Instead I put a Hhammer next to the snare. A little primitive but works. I wouldn't trade my custom BXs for anything.

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                  I have an AX14 snare from Pintech that triggers the cross stick 99.99% of the time. It probably does a rimshot equally as well (I am not much on rim shots myself). I have found the guys at Pintech to be very supportive as well.
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                    Well guys, I got the accusnare back from Hart and it works like a champ. Better than new. It must have had a slight problem off the line (it smelled a little like glue when I got it back.) The cross-stick feature had never worked before, and from what I understood - it wasn't supposed to. A small price to pay for the enhanced playability of the drum. However, after getting the drum back I was surprised to notice that the cross-stick DOES work if I lay butt of the stick up on the rim to the left and come down on the right, never touching the head. Laying the stick on the head and striking the rim results in triggering the rim shot sound. If anyone's drum is not triggering the rimshot sound properly - try again! Mine works fantastic now. Thank you Peter Hart.