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pintech ck-v trigger hacking

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  • pintech ck-v trigger hacking

    The noise and triggering problems from this pad have made me try to redesign it. This may help some of you, but I'm also curious about other people's CKV's.

    First of all for a double pedal both beaters may not produce the same volume, that's because the disc inside that has the piezo on it, isn't always in the center. Rotating it so that the piezo is exactly at 12 o clock solves that.

    Still there is the problem of the rather annoying "flap flap" that usually drowns out any headphones or even very powerful speakers. So I took it all apart and discovered this arrangement:

    foam disc
    foam disc
    plastic disc with piezo
    foam disc
    rubber disc
    mesh head

    Now I'm wondering if someone at the factory screwed up or this is supposed to be the design. The rubber disc in front is what produces most of the sound, and since it's so tight up against the mesh head, the mesh head is almost for show because all it does is cover up the rubber. Removing the rubber disc and/or putting behind one layer of foam takes away alot of the noise. Is everybody's CKV like this?

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    Definitely backwards...
    It should be:
    mesh head
    foam disk
    foam disk
    trigger plate
    foam disk
    rubber disk

    Try that....and use some hot glue when your are happy with the performance to help hold that foam/plastic sandwich together...



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      The first foam pad on mine has failed after one short session with a poorly trained acoustic drummer. Kicked too hard and punched a hole in the foam.

      Mine was:


      I just reseated it into another position and now that area is failing too.

      I warn everyone not to kick that pad too hard because it is unnecessary and could weaken the foam. It would cost me too much to ship it to the US right now (our Canadian dollar is so bloody weak!) so I put up with it.

      I took some pretty dense foam home from work and replaced the two foam disks behind the plastic disk. The foam was used in the packaging of hard disk drives and is a little thicker than the two original foam disks. It has made the whole assembly a little tigher yet the rebound is still not too bad. No rattles!

      BTW: Did you get any spikes with yours? They never sent any with mine They would have certainly come in handy.

      Good luck.

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      [This message has been edited by Cyberjam (edited November 09, 2001).]
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