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Make your own pads

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  • Make your own pads

    Hello there.
    I'm new to electonicdrumming and really like this forum!
    I have this question;
    Anyone tried to make their own pads as shown on http://members.aol.com/acoustictrigger/intro.html ????
    I'm thinking of trying out but before I do maybe some suggestions or experiences from others could help me out here.
    DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas

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    I have made my own pads and I hope to post some pictures of them on this site soon. They are pretty easy to make. There really isn't much to a PD-120, and one can be built for about half the cost of retail. Bear in mind, it depends on how proficient you are with do-it-yourself projects and what kind of tools you have at your disposal. Nonetheless, if you've got the patience, you can save a lot of money making custom V-Drums that play as well as, if not better than, the "real thing."



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      Hi Jason,
      Looking forward to those pics ;-)
      Did you use the same link as i'm going to? Or do you heve your own system?
      Greetings, Cas
      DIY!!! www.mosphat.com/drumcas