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technical difficulties (recording)

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  • technical difficulties (recording)

    hi, i'm having this problem. i cannot get my td-6 to record anything i'm playing. i've considered there might be something i'm overlooking, but i think i've pretty much covered that section in the manual. i enter song mode, select user song, #151 (or whatever the first is), and making sure song lock is OFF, i press record and play a measure or whatever and stop it. go back and press play on the beginning of the song i just recorded, and silence, every time. (???)
    can someone help me out?

    Jackie O Slashes

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    if your td-8 works the same as a td-10, you need to press 'play' after pressing 'record' to start the actual recording. pressing 'record' puts you into a recording setup mode - a little unintuitive if you not done much recording before.

    your manual will certainly have a more detailed explanation of how this works.


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      thanks! i tried that and it worked first try!
      (damn, i sound good...)
      Jackie O Slashes