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Ambience and outputs

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  • Ambience and outputs

    So I was playing some cheesy 80s metal tunes with a friend yesterday and for a test, I decided to run my kick drum out of Output 1 and all my other drums out of Master. Both went into different channels on my new mixer, to see what the difference would be compared to running everything out of master.

    So basically, the kick drum sound comes out of Output 1, but the ambience for the kick drum comes out of Master out.

    Now, I've never done this before, but this makes no sense to me. The only way to get this not to happen is to turn down the ambience send for the kick drum to zero, but then the kick sounds completely dry and the other drums have ambience.

    So... what's with that?



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    Golly gee wiz Binary. I never thought any of us would have to tell you to use the search engine. It's supposed to work that way.

    Here's one of many posts that touch on it: http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/000284.html (see Lee, 4/2/00)
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