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CY-6 sensitivity (rim v. bow)

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  • CY-6 sensitivity (rim v. bow)

    Is it possible (on a TD-8) to get a better balance of sensitivity on the Roland CY-6 cymbal between the rim (fsr) and bow (piezo) triggers? I adjusted params to the most-used rim trigger, but the bow just isn't sensitive/loud enough when I hit it moderatley. I tried tweaking the response curve (linear/log/exp) and the relative volume on the mixer, but I'm still not happy with it. I love the edge hits (much more 'natural' than the PD-7/9's!) but I really want to use that second cymbal sound too.

    Any set-up tips out there? $^)

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    My suggestion is to set the center trigger where you are happy with the results then adjust the rim volume accordingly, since it will be extremely hot by the sounds of it. You may even have to adjust the angle of the pad to get a good hit on the center that is what I did to correct the problem.

    Ted H.
    Ted H.


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      Also, if you are using one of the ride sounds with the velocity sensitive bell sound, you'll find that the ride level is a bit lower in volume than one without the bell sound. That one, there, gave me fits for a short while.

      Play around with it. I like Ted's suggestion, to set the bow level first, then bring up the rim level to match.



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        Thanks Ted! Yup, makes perfect sense, and I feel like I had a brain fart, tweaking things in the wrong order. I did already play with the pad angle, so I can easily hit both triggers. I do like the CY-6's (even though I 'adjusted' to PD7 cymbals after a while). I still like the Yammie PCY80S as my ride, though. The raised rim works great as a bell, just topologically reversed... $^)