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TD30kv and TD20sx compatibility. please help!

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  • TD30kv and TD20sx compatibility. please help!

    Hello all-
    I'm the proud owner a td20sx - probably the nicest thing i'll ever have does anyone know if the new td30kv module is compatible with the td20sx pads and triggers? Or are the new pads much more sophisticated? Any help is appreciated


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    The TD-30 module is compatible with TD-20SX.
    But a future upgrade could be the VH-13 hi-hat and the PD-128S. Roland claims that the new sensors in these pads in combination with the TD-30 module will make a difference in expressivness.
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      all the older pads are compatible. the kick is the same, all cymbals the same (different color) toms and snare have new rim trigger tech for better rim shots and rim sensitivity. so far the difference in the snare and tom pads that we could see is the rim piezo placement.
      on the older pads such as the pd 105x and 125xthe trigger is mounted in and on the bottom of the basket and the new pd 108 and 128 is mounted on a plate that is mounted on the bottom side of the cone trigger plate. no one has really compared the older and newer pads side by side to tell the difference yet performance wise. it has been speculated that there may not be much difference but has not been proven yet. the major difference is the new vh13 hi hats which has the new digital motion sensor for more realistic open close sensitivity.
      so yes all your pads will work at the very least as they do with the TD20x.
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