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SPD-20 & external pads

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  • SPD-20 & external pads

    I am running the SPD-20 through the TD-10, but I cannot get the 4 external pads to work.
    I'm obviously to dumb to figure it out. Can someone help?

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    Originally posted by Steve Handrop:
    I am running the SPD-20 through the TD-10, but I cannot get the 4 external pads to work.
    I'm obviously to dumb to figure it out. Can someone help?
    Hi Steve,

    Funny because last night I was trying the exact same thing with no luck. Using a MIDI chord I've connected my (TD-8) to the SPD-20, I'm getting all of the sounds from the TD-8 AND the SPD-20 BUT I'm unable to get the TD-8 sounds from the external trigger pads. After going through the manual I think that using the external pads you can only access the SDP-20 internal sounds. If anybody knows differently please educate us - Thanks and good luck


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      I am using an SPD-11 with all 4 external pads with a TD-10exp. First the MIDI cable is IN on TD-10 out on SPD-11. I have all the pads set to MIDI channel 10(8 on SPD and 4 external) The reason more then likely that you are not getting any sounds are that your note numbers may not have any sound to them. Change the note numbers pads to the 80's then on the TD press f2(?) function then press percusion group then instrument. Assign a sound or change the note number for a sound you want. Some of the sequence patterns use percusion group 1 so you may not want to touch those. If I had it to do again I would not have messed with percusion group 1. Just so you know I DO NOT use any of the SPD internal sounds I am only triggering sounds from the TD so the MIDI cable and AC is the only connection on the SPD.(not counting the 3 PD-7 pads and the Visu-Lite China attached to the SPD-11) If you have any more questions you can email me direct or wait till I check this board again.

      [email protected]

      Ted H.
      Ted H.


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        This sounds similar to the 'TD-7 to TD-10' thread in the 'General' section.

        I posted instructions on how to assign TD-10 sounds triggered by an external MIDI device. I can't tell you how to set up MIDI parameters or note numbers on an SPD-20 because I don't own one. But here's some of my instructions regarding note numbers and the percussion group assignments in the TD-10:

        To Change External MIDI-triggered Sounds in the TD-10:

        You need to access the 'Percussion Group'.

        From the 'Kit' screen hit 'FUNC' (F2).

        Hit 'PRCGRP' (F1).

        A list should appear. It will have a large number (Group) 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the upper left. Additionally, it should have three columns of data arranged like this:

        Note # - Note - Instrument

        Hit your newly reassigned TD-7 pad (SPD-20 in this case). The cursor in this section should jump to the note triggered by that pad. The cursor should blacken the 'Instrument'.

        This can be changed either by using the data wheel and scrolling up and down, or using the 'List' button at the bottom of the screen, which will produce an instrument list like it does in when you search for a sound in the regular 'Instrument' section.

        You can also edit the newly selected sound by using the 'Edit' key right next to the 'List'.

        Percussion Group number - That big bold number in the upper left corner selects the percussion group; there are four available. Simply by moving the cursor to this number and scrolling the data wheel you can change this. You'll note that all the instrument names change on the list. This allows you to select up to 4 different instrument settings for your external MIDI triggers. I have it set so one group is all ethnic percussion, one group all cymbals, one group all electronic effects, and one just a miscellaneous.

        Some things to remember:

        - the Percussion Group has a separate volume setting than the reguler kit. Go into the Control Room, then Mixer, then GRPVOL. Note there are two virtual knobs; one for kit sounds and one for percussion group. Make sure the Percussion Group volume is the same as the Kit or your external MIDI trigger sounds will be (typically) quieter than the kit-generated sounds.

        - The Percussion Group is where all the sounds are assigned for sequences. So if you like that factory-set 'Latin Sequence' that you can tap out, these sounds will change if you start messing with reassigning sounds to note numbers.

        -Keep note of which numbers are assigned to each pad, for each kit. It's easy to lose track.

        Here's some information on Note Numbers available in the TD-10:

        Total Range of Note Numbers Available for the TD-10: 23-93

        This includes note numbers assigned to the triggers 1 - 12, including #'s assigned to rim and head locations.

        Once you factor out trigger-assigned numbers (Snare, T1-T4, Cymbals 1 and 2, etc.), the remaining note numbers are:

        23-25, 27-30, 59-93.

        Now, you may want to use note numbers which are assigned to the rims of toms 1 - 4 because if you have a full Pro Kit with PD-100/120's you can't use them with pads. Plus there's the rim note of the kick drum which is also unused, and let's even add the rim numbers of the AUX 1 and 2.

        These numbers are:

        (Rim Note Numbers):
        T1 - 50
        T2 - 47
        T3 - 58
        T4 - 39
        Kick 35
        AUX1 32
        AUX2 33 (might be 34? notes are unclear, but it's either of the two - head/rim)

        So if we add these, total available MIDI Note numbers in the TD-10 are:

        23-25, 27-30, 32, 33 or 34?, 39, 47, 50, 58 - 93.

        Which I think comes out to 47 available numbers. And since you can switch percussion groups between four different settings, well, you get more than that.

        You may want to read this thread in 'General'.


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