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TD-7/TD-10 MIDI Help

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  • TD-7/TD-10 MIDI Help


    I'm back again with another MIDI how-to question. I have an old TD-7 connected to my TD-10 so I can use it to trigger additional pads. I get sounds from this arrangement just fine. The problem is I cannot figure out how to assign new sounds to the pads triggered throught the TD-7. I only have two connected right now and they sound (currently) like the ride cymbal and one of the tom pads. I tried to figure out how to assign a new MIDI note number to them and when I (think) I changed it the pads through the TD-7 made no sounds.

    Please help. It doesn't do me any good if I can't use different sounds than what I had going already from the TD-10. I need to know step-by-step what setting the TD-10 needs to have in place to assign sounds to the pads triggered through the TD-7.

    Thanks much.

    TD-10 exp, TMC-6, Hart Pro Snare, PD-120, PD-100, PD-80, KD-120, CY14R/C, CY12R/C, CY15R, CY12H

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    This probably won't help but,
    I don't have a TD7 manual but if it's anything like the TD10 you can check page 122 in the TD10 manual under the section called "Selecting the Note number transmitted by each pad".

    Let me now how it goes, I'll be buying a module for input expansion in the near future and will be in your shoes.

    Good Luck


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      Slaving a TD-7 to a TD-10

      I know this is an old post but I thought I should reply to it since I figured it out. I'm sure the original post has found the answer. I'm just doing this for anybody that reads this later.

      On your TD-7 push the EDIT button. Select PATCH and push ENTER. Select TRIG and push ENTER. The next screen that comes up will show you the MIDI note numbers assigned to each trigger. You can strike the pad that you want to change and the TD-7 will automatically bring up the parameters for that input. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen it gives you the note number. Pick the note number you want.

      I hope that helps anyone comming down the pike.

      [email protected]