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How to add inputs to TD-7 ?

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  • How to add inputs to TD-7 ?

    I have used up all my inputs on my TD-7 Turbo. Can I add more by using another TD-7 or TD-5 and if so how would I do this ?

    ps: I don't want to use a SPD

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    Yes, you can. Take your second module and two MIDI cables. Connect the MIDI Out of one to the MIDI IN of the other, and vice versa, plug in your pads, assign the sounds, and you're all set. If you're using the second module as a sound source as well don't forget to send your outputs to your mixer, cause MIDI only takes care of note information, velocity, controller info etc, not audible sound.


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      You can try an old octapad.
      it has 6 inputs.
      Do a search in the forums.

      Good luck.
      Roy A.