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used TD-8 what to look for?

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  • used TD-8 what to look for?

    I'm buying a used set of TD-8's tomorrow. What should I look for in determining it's condition? (1 year old, used by a professional)
    A reply tonight would be most timely!

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      Originally posted by szvook:
      ...Make sure the unit(s) (you are getting two of them, right...
      I've found that several newcomers refer to "a set of V-drums" by using the module name in place of the more generic drum name.

      So, if this is the case here, a TD-8 is a Roland module (as is a TD-5, a TD-6, a TD-7, a TD-10 and the new TD-12 ). A set of them would be presumably two or more modules/brains. If that is what you meant, disregard all of this. If you meant, a set of V-drums that use a TD-8 module, just wanted to shed some light on the terminology and what szvook was saying in his reply. He assumed you meant exactly what you said, a pair of modules. (Maybe you did?)


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        I see I will be learning these new distinctions in V-drum lingo very quickly. I'm buying a complete V-Custom Kit and not just the module. Thanks szvook, I certainly learned something about what to look for regarding the module. How about the rest of the kit? V-pads, Hi-Hat Contoller, etc?


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