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how to triger seq's in time with midi clock?

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  • how to triger seq's in time with midi clock?

    I am using the internal sequencer on the TD-10 in a live situation.

    I would like for my internal sequencer to sync to an external device. But I do not want the playback messages to have any effect start/stop and so on...

    I want to be able to tell my sequencer when to start, as opposed to the master device starting up the td10 as soon as play has been pressed (on the master).

    Thus so far MIDI-delay seems to be working, but I'm not positive if the MIDI-delay setting actually syncs the internal sequencer at all.

    any suggestions, please help, I have a show on the 21st.

    much love,


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    is it a problem with the master or the slave? Or the MIDI Interface?

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