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TD8--Savinga kit

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  • TD8--Savinga kit

    howdy..does anyone know if theres a way to save a certain kit that i've jiggled with..other than overwriting one of the factory ones?
    No1 is V drum....then up to 63 its a mixture. Last one is "userkit"..
    I fiddled with one of those in beteen and got a sound i like, but the only option i ever find is that i have to use no.1 - 64 to store it. But that then hides the kit that was in that position.
    Any ideas my drumming comrades?

    Its always raining here.
    Its always raining here.

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    Hi...What i really wanted was to be able to adjust one of the factory kits ( 1 to 64 ) but store somewhere on the module other than the first 64 positions. Because when i do this, it stores it over the original kit occupying that number.
    For example...i like the basic overall sound of KIT number 13. I juggle it about till i get the snare sound just right, the cymbals, etc etc. I then want to save it. I have to save it anywhere between 1 and 64. But that will cover up the kit that was in that position.

    I dont think my explanation is clear enough..
    Its always raining here.


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      I think you are talking about storing it on the module. I was confused by this at first also.

      There are no other places to put a new kit except over the top of one of the existing 64 kits. It seems bogus at first, but do you really need kits like Cartoon after you've had fun with it for about 10 minutes? And there are plenty others that are for fun only that you can write over the top of. Plus, these factory kits can always be restored later if you choose.

      So copy a kit you want to change a little over the top of Cartoon (or Drum Solo, Copper Tubs, etc.), and then make your changes.


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        Thanks a bundle mr Drum.......you have answered my question in a flash. I was struggling a bit to get across what i meant.
        Its all clear now dude.

        And you are right. I just don't need that Cartoon rubbish....or even another 20/30 of the others.
        So thanks again....have a JD , i'm buying
        Its always raining here.