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TD-8 and Pintech - Missed hits

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  • TD-8 and Pintech - Missed hits

    A queston for anyone else using the Pintech Concertcast-ST with the TD-8:
    I sometimes get missed hits on the snare drum (Pintech CC-ST102).
    I have the pad set to the PD-80R setting. I have tried to eliminate it with some variations in the settings. The problem is I tend to lose a lot in dynamic range. Has anyone else experimented with setting the snare pad to a different pad type like PD-9, PD-100,PD-120?
    Also it seems that if I enable the pad setting *display setting 8RB,strike position not detected*, it seems to go away.
    Any help on this would be great.

    keep drumming!!

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    If the B setting works use it. Your not going to get positional on the Pintech pad anyway.

    Heres a thread we discussed this on awhile back:

    And another:

    uZe DeE seercH

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      I was having some problems with the Pintech Snare but now it drives like a Ferrari. I have the Pintech Acoustech 13" snare so I guess it is not really an apples-to-apples comparison. I would try to set it to the PD-120 or PD-120R and give that a try. Also make sure that you are using a stereo cable - sounds dumb, but I made that mistake and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the dual zone snare to work. Then I realized I used the mono cable; I was so excited while setting up that I got a little ahead of myself. Anyway, play with the threshold and sensitivity settings too. I have mine around 11 and 2 respectively and it works quite nicely along with positional sensing. I still think, though, that the Roland PD-120 is a better snare but over twice the price and wasn't worth it to me.

      Good luck.