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Manual for TDW-1 V-Cymbal upgrade

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  • Manual for TDW-1 V-Cymbal upgrade

    I remember a thread of someone who didn't got a manual after his TDW-1 V-Cymbal Control upgrade. I did. It's not an impressive manual, it's a four page leaf.

    The first page is the most important one. I think. It says "READ FIRST". For that reason I will type it in for you, especially for you who didn't got the manual.

    # If you can erase the settings of your drum kits
    After performing the upgrade, use the Initialize operation.
    Press [SETUP] - [F4 (UTIL)] - [F4 (INIT)] - [F4 (INIT)] - [F4 (EXEC)].
    * All internal settings will be lost when you perform the Initialize operation.

    When you use the V-Cymbals, select the preset trigger bank 2.
    1. Press [SETUP] - [F1 (TRIG)] - [F1 (BANK)].
    2. Select the bank "2" by turning the VALUE dial.

    # If you want to keep the settings of your drum kits
    You do not have to save your settings before performing the upgrade.

    After performing the upgrade, recall trigger bank 2's factory presets.
    1. Press [SETUP] - [F1 (TRIG)] - [TOOLS] - [F1 (COPY)].
    2. Select the preset trigger bank 2, and the copy-destination trigger bank.
    3. Press [F4 (COPY)] - [F4 (EXEC)].

    Some instruments in preset drum kits are modified to correspond to the V-Cymbals.
    Recall factory presets for individual drum kits if you need.
    For more information on copying a kit, refer to TD-10 Owner's manual; p.137, right column.

    * When upgrade the original TDW-1 to the "TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control", ALL DATA will NOT be lost.
    * When install the TDW-1 on the non-expanded TD-10, ALL DATA will be lost.

    - - - - - The end - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I hope it's usefull to some of you. I had to read it a couple of times. But now I think I understand.

    If you have detailed questions of which you think they could be mentioned in the manual, send me an e-mail. I'm not daily on this board, but I do read my e-mails. If I can answer the question I will reply it on this board for common usefulness