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Overheating TD-10?

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  • Overheating TD-10?

    Hi folks. I'm a complete novice in the V-Drums arena, so please bear with me if this has been addressed before: It seems that the top of my TD-10 becomes hot to the touch after a fairly short period of use. The heat is concentrated in the area of the LCD. Is this common to all TD-10's or does this sound like a problem? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have played at length on 3 different TD-10's and none get "hot" to the touch. I would get this checked out immediately.

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      Damn. I guess I'll have to take it somewhere to be fixed. Thanks for your reply.


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        Try replacing the power cord first, standard 3 prong, available everywhere. Make sure you tell whomever you talk to what kind of unit you need it for. Always try the most simple, cheapest fix first, you may get lucky.
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          my td-10 gets warm by the lcd display but certainly not "hot". How hot is hot?
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            Could it be your display brightness setting?


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              Hello again. The TD-10 gets hot to the point where I can actually smell the plastic case heating up while I play in a closed room, but not hot enough to burn you or anything. "Very warm" would probably be a better description. Does that seem normal? Again, I'm pretty new to this. I've yet to test the brightness setting or power cord hypotheses, but I will shortly. Thanks for the input, guys.


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