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Controlling External MIDI Devices

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  • Controlling External MIDI Devices

    Hey guys, long time no see. I've been going to college full-time, and working five nights a week at a radio station 30 minutes frmo my school, so I've had my hands pretty full, and I recently moved my drums into my dorm room

    Anyway, I'm also taking percussion lessons (I figure I'm a pretty good drummer, but I could be a whole lot better with a little guidance), and my teacher wants to see a 5-minute solo on the V's by next tuesday. No problem.

    However, I thought it'd be nice to hook the kid up via midi to my MC-303 sequencer/soundbank and use a couple of the pd 9's to trigger some pad sounds off of the 303 to make things a little interesting.

    Here's my problem: I plud the miid out on my unexpanded td-10 into the midi in on the 303 and set the v's to send midi on channel 10. So I select my ride, tell it to play midi note 32 or something with a 5 second gate time. Wonderful, it sounds wicked cool, but the problem is that all the other pads in the set trigger notes of their own. How do I keep the rest of the pads from triggering midi??? please help!!

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    You can't set midi channels on each pad individualy on any Roland drum module, I am surprised that Roland hasn't done anything about it. You might try finding a midi interface that will allow you do do a channel transpose on a single midi note number.
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