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playing e-drums triggers 'extra' sounds?

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  • playing e-drums triggers 'extra' sounds?

    I am new to e-drums, and I noticed when I was playing them (v-club and v-stage) at the music store, that sometimes extra notes are played if the structure that the drum heads are attached to, is jiggled/moved around in a certain way.

    I guess I am just wondering if that is normal with e-drums. Because I would think if you are out playing a gig, you would not want extra notes to be played, because it would make the song sound different (for anyone who was even paying attention)

    With acoustic drums, I suppose that is not really going to happen like with e-drums, because the drummer is in control. But with e-drums the technology is partially control, and there are some things you cannot control....

    Just an obsevation of mine........

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    You have to adjust things like crosstalk and sensitivity, etc... probably the display models aren't tweaked at all...


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      I was hoping that was the case.