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Roland V drums stage vs Club?

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  • Roland V drums stage vs Club?


    I am a fairly new drummer, and I LOVE THEM. I own an acoustic set of drums. And I played for the first time last week, the V-drums. I totally freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The seemed a lot easier to play (probably just because I am learning) and had so many nice drums sets to try out. And it was just plain pure fun!!!!!

    Anyway, I was hoping to get some input as to whether or not I should buy them, and which of the 2 I should purchase. V-Club or V-Stage. I like both of them, but since I am a computer nerd, I like that fact of all the parameters I can change on V-Stage.

    But what about when I get good enough to play with other band members and yikes when I play in public. Will it matter which set I have. Will I be sorry of I have one or the other.

    Or is there some other brand of drums that I should consider.

    I am ready to order them right now!!!! : )


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    Lots of discussion about this already. Use the mighty search engine. Your decision will have to be based on your needs, preferences and resources. I have used the V-Clubs for a while now, and really like them, and I play live almost every weekend. I have added a Hart ProSnare, though, and I'm currently researching Zenbals to replace my CY6s....


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      Hi Rythmstik

      OK ...no laughing now. Everyones gotta start somewhere. : )
      I will give a few backgound stats...

      I ve been programming and working with PC's since early 1980's. So I have a handle on technology. I have computers, software like cakewalk and acid pro 3.0, sonar, (because I am also learning about MIDI and sequencing) and own a Roland JV 90. So I am a little familiar with that part of 'music'.

      But I admit I am somewhat of a newbie to drumming. I am studying theory, learning to read music, etc, and practicing every day for hours (also taking drum lessons from 2 different teachers each week). I am very serious!!! about having a great time learning to play this amazing instrument. : )

      QUESTION 1
      Soooooo anyway, any chance you can tell me what kind of setup you have? Im just curious, because I know I will be getting into this much more. And eventually I want to play/practice with other musician friends, as well as play at smaller clubs (50 people maybe???)

      QUESTION 2
      To be able to play out, what kind of other 'gear' do I need, besides the V-club or V-stage drumset of course?

      QUESTION 3
      Are there better drumkits out there for the same amount of money? From what I have been told by a few people is to stick with the Roland V-Drums. I cant afford anymore than the 2600$ price tag of the V-stage. But as I have been reading on this board, it almost seems like V-club might be OK for me.


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        Man! Let me see if I can at least try to answer these..

        #1. My main kit for the past year or so has been the V-Clubs. I played them stock (except for two homebrew pads) for a long time with no problems. I added a Pintech SE102 and recently I added a Hart ProSnare. I have been using a Peavey KB60 keyboard amp as a monitor. I generally play smallish venues, about 50 to about 300 people, classic rock, country, and original music. I also use it to do some recording and side projects and sub work.

        #2. There are a lot of things you might need to play out besides the drums - an amp or monitor, a good PA, DI box possibly, cables, plenty of rehearsal time with your band, etc. What you need depends a lot on how complicated your set up is. I've been very successful with just the V-Clubs, my KB60 and the bands PA, running the VClubs mono out to the amp and from there to the PA. Some of the larger clubs have their own sound system, so I run from the amp to a DI box and into the clubs board. I like the simpler approach, and one of the reasons I use the VClubs is I don't have to lug around a lot of stuff to sound like I lug around a lot of stuff. My only problem has been a recent issue with one of my CY6s self-choking.

        #3. IMHO, No. Others may think other wise. I you don't mind the PD6 pads (some think they're too small or prefer the feel of the mesh heads - I don't) the V-Club is a hell of a lot of kit for the bucks (I think you can get it for maybe $999 these days) - and leaves some cash for a decent amp, etc... It's easy to use, sounds great out of the box, easy to transport and is a great way to get into the Edrum thing. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary...


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          Thanks for the input. I am very detail kinda person. And since I am in 'learn mode' you cant tell me too much

          Do you have pictures of your 'stuff' listed in #1? I would like to see what is needed to play a real gig. Because someday I will be doing that. I have basic knowledge of what you said, but if I see a picture of it (well its worth a thousand words )

          And then I can lookup the specs on the internet, and it will help me learn what will be needed.

          Drumming is just so much fun, it should be illegal! But I am glad it is not!!!!!!!!!

          Thanks again


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            PS where is cheapest place to get V-drums?

            Our local Griggs music has been cheapest place so far
            (well except ebay, but I am not going to spend that much money on something from ebay)

            I think I would really like it to be brand spankin' new out of the box. Then I get warranty, etc


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              I don't really have any pictures of the gear laid out. Here's one from a recent show, but you can't see most of the stuff, like the ProSnare or amp. As far as buying one, I'd try the good old Internet. There are some members of this forum who would probably make you a good deal (sepdrums, drumbalaya...). You should be able to find a kit for around >$1000.
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                Try the Internet.

                The thing is, most places don't advertise the price for less than 1295. You have to Email them and ask for a quote.

                The other cheap kit to look for is the Yamaha DTXpress2. It has to be the 2, not the older one. It has 3 zone snare and the cymbals could take 3 zone pads if Yamaha would get around to releasing them. Its advertised for 300 less than the Vclub, and having played with it, I feel the sounds are equal, and it is an excellent alternitive to the Vclub. There are reviews of it around here somewhere if you use the search engine.

                But if you're just starting out druming, a VClub or DTXpress2 are excellent ways to get into it and get your hands on a fantastic wide range of decent sounds at a reletively cheap price.

                Most Guitar Centers I've been have the cheap Yamaha and the all the Rolands that you can fiddle with. The only problem is the Yamahas seem to get neglected and messed up sooner than the Rolands and none of sales guys feel the need to fix it.
                That Dan Guy


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                  club and stage are both great instruments..
                  the v stage is a td8 kit right? or am i wrong....?
                  i play on a club to rehearsal and use the stage to perform.
                  and i always got positive feedback
                  also we did record our demo with the v club and the sound was fairly good.;
                  so if you are a live performer,i recommend the stage
                  if its only for rehearsing or just practice and fun home go with the club..
                  but the club is also a great instrument to perform in small clubs and bars,so don't get me wrong..

                  don't understand why most people want the td10,the td8 haves the exact same sounds as the td10,and a lot more to..
                  maybe because the v cymbal edit functions or for the few more outs... don't know..