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Build PM3-like stereo monitor (newbie)?

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  • Build PM3-like stereo monitor (newbie)?

    Anyone try to combine a Mackie or JBL powered speaker, or even keyboard amp (KC-500?), with a couple mounted powered bookshelf speakers to acheive a more powerful (and potentially lower-cost) PM3 system?

    I'm doing this for home use only, volume not important but hate not to have decent punch/thump to my bass even at moderate volumes, and it appears the PM3 would fall short here (10" woofer vs. 15" in other options I mention). I also like the idea of stereo separation but don't want to shell out for 2 Mackies or JBLs.

    My TD-8 and HDI Gigapro kit are "in the mail" so I can't yet examine all the I/Os, yet I want to shop now so I can hit ground running when they arrive... So I'm wondering:

    - Will I have I/Os I need to add powered bookshelf speakers to do this on the TD-8 and KC-500/Mackie/JBL?
    - Will they be stereo-separated automatically (like headphones are) or is this done via TD-8 settings (i.e. dedicating different drums to different stereo channels?)
    - If latter, will I get sound ONLY out of one channel or the other for any given drum, or will it/can it be mixed relative to physical position of drum and its virtual sound projection?
    - Or would I need a mixer of some sort (at which point a pair of JBLs/Mackies might be cost-equiv)?
    - Anyone done this before?
    - Am I nuts? (i.e. too expensive, too complicated, missing an obvious better option, or, I'm just nuts anyway?)
    - Has this question been asked and answered 100 times on this forum as my previous question was on TD-8 vs. TD-10? (and thanks again for your patience with that first post, you all are a class act, nice forum ethos! Someday I hope to "give back"!)

    Coming soon: HDI Gigapro, 2 extra acupads, 9" ECII splash, TD-8, DMC-6, DW-5000, some sticks and stuff, a comfy throne, a huge CD/MP-3 collection, SOME kinda amplification, 2 dogs, 2 kids, and a big anticipatory grin
    "There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots."

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    Probably; Yes; Yes; No, Yes; No; Probably; No; No.
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