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Question about using mics

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  • Question about using mics

    Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever used mics on their amp instead of running direct? My bass player asked me that last night and I told him I wasn't sure why anyone would want to do that. I know some guitar players prefer the sound they get using mics as opposed to running direct. Anyone done this?

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    The cruddy speakers, and the load the speakers put on the amps, are part of Total Tone Universal Vortex and Bait Shop that guitarists constantly talk about, spend all their money on, and never quite achieve.

    Kinda like us!

    Going direct cleans up their sound too much, doesn't give them the stage sound they want, and forget about proper feedback, which, in case you haven't had it explained to you ten thousand times in hushed, quasimystical tones, is an element of getting the guitar to resonate and breathe, and, like come alive in my..their hands, and, like, totaly become like a living organism but, like, an extension of yourself, which is so helpful in the expression of the artist's inner vision..
    Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance