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Live Sequencing w/TD-10

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  • Live Sequencing w/TD-10

    I play in a progressive metal band and I am a drummer who uses V-session w/TD-10 Expanded. We don't have a keyboardist, but we have recorded keyboard parts for our music on a Fostex VF-16 track recorder.

    I want to know if there is a simple method or concept in sequencing what I have with the recorder along with my TD-10?

    Currently, I hookup a Y cable (2 RCA to 1/4") from the Fostex recorder to the mix input on the TD-10. From the Recorder I pan all the keyboards to be played through the PA to the left and the click track on the recorder to the right. The "Master" Left output on the TD-10 play the keyboards to the PA, while I listen to the click track via headphones, and the drums are played out through Direct 1 and 2.

    To begin sequencing a song I have to manually push play on the recorder and count into the song. Is there also a way to Midi the TD-10 with the Fostex VF-16 and use the TD-10 internal tempo click as opposed to the recorders click track?

    Overall, is there a simpler method or concept in doing this?

    Your responses will be most appreciated!

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    I basically do the same thing. I don't run our sequences into the TD-10 though. I run the "panned left" sequences directly to the soundman, and take the right channel to the TD-10 mix in. So I am ALSO curious if I can do the same as you are asking since I have to "press play" on the recorder---that drives me nuts-----I want to be able to trigger the seqeunces from a pad!!!
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    Mike Farrell-Zendrum


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      You can do it

      Hi guyz,

      You must use a MIDI cable to connect the td10 w the other device.

      Be sure that the MIDI channel number is the same on both machines. Set the MIDI clock on the external device to "auto" and the one on the TD10 to "internal". The TD10 clock will be the MASTER this way.

      Assign an empty pattern to the pad that you want to use to trig the other device. On the MIDI Options screen of that pad, select the note number that you want to use. Check the MIDI documentation of the external device to know wich note number you must use to start a patern. Sometimes there's a mapping (5=35 and so on...).

      This should do it, each time you strike that pad you will star/stop the external pattern.
      Maxwell "Bonzo" Boudrowsky


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        Thanks for tips...it does make much sense to midi them like that and use the click tempo of the TD-10.

        Will the click on the Fostex VF-16 recorder match the tempo of the TD-10 automatically for each song or do I have to set them manually everytime I change songs on the recorder?