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TDW-1 for V-Cymbal control

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  • TDW-1 for V-Cymbal control

    I bought the TDW-1 board as it was released, 2+ years ago.
    Now I bought the V-Cymbals (CY-12H, CY-14C, CY-15R).
    After openning the packages I realized that there is another version of the TDW-1 board that also support the V-Cymbals (V-Cymbal Control).
    I have some questions reffering to it:
    1. When did Roland released the new version of the boqard ?
    2. Where this board is sold (Roland website doesn't present two versions of the board and also doesn't say anything about the V-Cymbal Control) ?
    3. Is there a way to upgrade my TDW-1 board that will include the V-Cymbal Control so I won't have to through it to the trash and buy a new one ?
    4. Can Roland itself replace my TDW-1 board for the new version (and what should be done for that) ?