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TD-8 volume on switch on !!!

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  • TD-8 volume on switch on !!!



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    Really? I don't have to adjust mine everytime. I wonder what's up with that? Is there an internal battery that needs replacing??


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      this may not be the reason but:

      if you move the sliders on a certain kit, then change kit and move the sliders again, when you go back to the original kit the volume should be as you left it, irrespective of where the sliders are, but if they were all pushed to the top, then you wouldn't be able to increase your volume anymore without lowering and re-pulling up the slider. Thats hard to explain in writing, but basically, slider position does not always equal actual volume.

      I've found it better to set the levels on the internal mixer and leave all sliders at the top, and maybe just use them for slight tweaking.

      That is a strange problem though....
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