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Question on Titan Rack?

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  • Question on Titan Rack?

    I'm getting ready to order a Titan 1000 rack for my V-Stage. I have a couple of questions first.

    For the snare, does the PD-80R mount to the 10" arm extension included? Isn't this suppose to be for the TD-X to mount to?

    It comes with 4 tom mounts and I have 4 tom pads. I will need a few extra ones for my snare, my PD-7 and my PD-6. I also need one more cymbal arm. Do they sell these separately? I don't see them on there eBay site. Do they have another site besides eBay?

    Will my existing plastic Roland clamps mount to this rack?

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    The Titan is the Tama brand, yes?

    what 10" extension are you referring to? Is it an actual module arm or an auxiliary snare arm or something like that?

    You can get cymbal arms--or pretty much anything else for racks for that matter--fairly easily. If memory serves, the Titan is about the same diameter as a Gibraltar rack, and if that's the case, you can get cymbal arms for that very easily. You'd have to buy extra clamps to put the arms in, however.

    If the diameters between the Tama and Gibraltar are the same, then yes, you can put your Roland clamps on there quite easily.



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      Titan 1000 Rack


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        I have the Titan Rack, but I have Pintech ConcertCast pads on it and a Yamaha DTX module. The 10" extension holds the module mount. I don't know if the module mount will fit the Roland, but the holes line up perfect for the DTX. I thought the quality was super, but less than Gibraltar's.
        Titan is offered through www.nationalmusicsupply.com but I don't see cymbal arms on their website that match the ones that come with the rack. Noe do I see individual mounts offered for sale. Gibraltar's will do.

        Although TAMA stands do carry the Titan name, this rack isn't TAMA's. It's made in CHINA. The rack is a bit more narrow than a Gibraltar rack. I believe it's 40" as opposed to Gibraltar's 43" (I think).
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        Titan 1000 Rack
        Yamaha DTX
        Yamaha/Hart/Pintech Cymbals