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Cover for Vdrums

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  • Cover for Vdrums

    Ok I - know this has been discussed before but I'm looking for something to use as a cover for my V-customs. I want more than just a sheet or a plastic drop cloth. In addition to keeping dust off, I want something that will hide it from view and keep people from being able to easily (or otherwise remove the cover and mess with the kit. These will be kept on the stage at our church so we don;t have to keep taking them down and back up each week. I will probably take away the power adapter so it can't be plugged in at the very least, if not the module as well.

    My idea was to use a tarp with grommets around the edge, cover the kit with it, then run a small cable bike lock through the grommets and cinch it up around the bottom, kind of like a grill cover. However, I haven't been impressed with the color and feel of the tarps you get at the home centers and hardware stores. I was thinking of actualy using a grill cover, but can't seem to fin one big enough.

    This same idea was presented here already in another thread, but with no resolution. Any updates on that?

    Brandon Lecrone
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    Thanks for the link. Those are nice. A little pricier than I wanted at $56.00 for the single kick size cover. But the main thing is it looks like it won't go all the way to the floor. Thanks though.
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      I went to a local department store and bought a huge black vinyl BBQ grill cover for $19.95. Works great!!!
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        Once upon a time...

        ...in a land far, far away (Florida), I had a steady gig for awhile playing covers at a bar where other bands would go on before us routinely. Our gear would remain set up on the stage, and other bands would set up in front of ours, or so I thought. After the second time I came in to find that some a$$ had rearranged my kit for his own use, I got permission from the club manager & did the following:

        Since the drum riser sat up about a foot off the rest of the stage, I sunk eyebolts in every 18 inches or so around the riser. I used an oversize tarp, threaded it (and the eyebolts) with a small-link chain, and locked my drumset up under the tarp with a padlock. The tarp I used was grey instead of the standard yoogly-a$$ bright blue, and it worked like a charm.

        Not sure that this is the solution for you, but maybe it'll give you some ideas of your own. Good luck,

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          I too leave my set up at church. When we're not playing, I take the TD-6 power supply and all drum sticks and lock them up. No sticks and no noise really do cause people to lose interest in trying to play them.



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            Multi-pin connector?

            That did occur to me. I guess it comes down to is it more trouble to unplug and replug all the pads each week or to drape a cover over it, thread a cable lock through some grommets, cinch it up and lock it. Seems like maybe 6 of one, half dozen of the other kind of thing. Unless I put a mulit-pin connector on it. That would make plugging all the pads a breeze. I'll have to check into that....
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              I just wanted to post a resolution to this in case it might serve any future use...

              I ended up scrapping the multi-pin connector idea. It turned out to be too expensive - even to just buy the connector and install it myself.

              The solution we went with was a 8' x 10' plastic tarp with grommets from a home center, 10' of 1/8" vinly coated wire rope, and a combination padlock. We just threaded the wire rope through the grommets, made a loop on each end, cinch it around the bottom of the vdrums and lock it. The tarp is the silver/brown color and we put the silver side out. It doesn't look too bad - better than that typical "tarp blue".

              I would have preferred to find a better looking fabric to use for the cover - something a little more flexible too (that tarp is a bit stiff), but to buy enough fabric was turning out to be too expensive. So the total cost was about $17 (actually it was free since I used my Lowes gift card I had got for Christmas).
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                You say these are in a church!?!???

                Jeezuz Kryst! Shouldn't a sign that reads something like ...

                1. "Thou shalt not touch."
                2. "Thou shalt not cast thy eyes upon V-Drums."

                ... be good enough?????? And it's cheap too!



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                  Beato can't be beat!


                  I have a red V-session w/ added Aleesis d-4 & other pads! I got a Beato Double Bass Kit Cover(Black) for $33.00 from Drums in the Wind! on a Special sale about 2-3 months after I purchased my kit in April , 2001. Let me count the reasons I love it :

                  1. Size does matter - It covers all & comes to the Floor -- out of sight-- out of mind!

                  2. It has weights sewn into the Bottom of the cover at proper intervals to keep it on!!!!!

                  3. It is light weight, but sturdy!

                  4,. Dust be gone! Keeps dust off the Kit!

                  Sold yet!!!

                  I play many 2-Night gigs( Fri / Sat ) I have had NO problems so far with leaving the kit overnight!

                  Plus a the Middle school where I teach - - the Beato cover keeps the little grubby paws OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

                  Good luck!!!

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                    Originally posted by Marc.
                    You say these are in a church!?!???

                    Jeezuz Kryst! Shouldn't a sign that reads something like ...

                    1. "Thou shalt not touch."
                    2. "Thou shalt not cast thy eyes upon V-Drums."

                    ... be good enough?????? And it's cheap too!


                    You would think it should be that easy. And while I am all for adding a couple of commandments relating to V-drums, it's just not that easy.

                    Like most churches, we have young kids at our church too! And if you know young kids at all, there are a couple of things about them:

                    1. They have trouble keeping their hands off anything that looks "cool" - especially electronic looking stuff.

                    2. Posting a sign that says "don't touch" only makes them want to touch it more!

                    And with at least 4 other groups using our building through the week, the problem is potentially worse.

                    "Jeezuz Kryst" - Oh I get it - that's funny, because, you know, I go to church and all. Very clever.
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