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Tom settings on TD-6

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  • Tom settings on TD-6

    I owned a Yamaha DTXpress for the past 2 years and just recently purchased the vClub. I think it's vastly superior to the DTXpress in many ways.

    One hickup I've found is settling on a decent sound for toms 1 and 2. All the presets seem very muddy and way too low. I'd like to have more frequency range between the toms. I realize that I can adjust the pitch, but is that what everyone else is doing, or am I missing something.

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    Not yet....

    I've owned my TD-6 for a year now and still I am not happy with my tom sounds. I'm trying several settings, several toms, several parameters...
    But you said tom1 and 2....3 is no problem?
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      What I mean is that tom 3 (floor tom) seems fine, or at least I can live with it. But, you really have to do some major tweaking to get a good rack tom sound. Owned a TD-10 for 6 months and didn't care much for those toms either, but the rack toms seemed to start at a much higher pitch.