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New questions for Sepdrums (Erik)

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  • New questions for Sepdrums (Erik)

    Hello Erik -

    I was planning on ordering some things from your website and wanted to know if you have the following in stock.

    (1) ddrum acoustic snare trigger - xlr type
    (2) ddrum red shot acoustic tom triggers
    (1) ddrum red shot acoustic kick trigger
    (1) hart ks 2-ply mesh head 12"
    (2) hart ks 2-ply mesh head 13"
    (1) hart ks 2-ply mesh head 22"

    do you also carry roland td-6 or 8 drum modules? i don't see them anywhere on your site. Also, let me know if I need anything special for the ddrum xlr snare trigger - becuase i want to have rimshot ability as well. thanks!

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    Mr Yamaha - soon to be Mr. Ddrum...

    I have some of the items in stock. I dont have the 22" kick head, or the Snare Trigger...I can get them quick however.

    To use the snare trigger and to get the dual zones, you need a DDA-6997 "Y" cable - it is a specially wired cable that goes from XLR to dual single mono males.

    I am not a Roland dealer...I sell their modules with Pintech and Hart kits - I actually dont want to sell their kits (flames are coming) - mainly because I think there is better stuff out there...



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      excellent.. How quick is "quick" to get the xlr trigger and 22" 2-ply mesh head? That ddrum y-cable will work with a Roland module, correct? Oh and, should I just go thourgh your website or call to order?