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Thoughts on older Yamaha set?

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  • Thoughts on older Yamaha set?

    I see where Musician's Friend is selling the older Yamaha DS10 edrum set (with the DTX2U) module for $999. This is in the same price range as the newer DTXPressII and Roland V-Club. Despite the fact that this is older technology, is it a better value than the other two entry-level sets given the fact that this used to be Yamaha's top of the line module? Any thoughts on the DTX2U compared to the TD-6 or DTXpressII module would be appreciated.


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    I've never played the DTX2 module myself, so take this with a grain of salt...

    As with most modules, it depends on what you're looking to use it for. The most I've seen it used is in a melodic/electronica context, so I'm not sure how well you'd like it for more "drummish" things.

    The acoustic drum sounds I heard from it sounded all right. Pretty non-descript in terms of sound quality, just decent-sounding samples. In terms of technology, I think this module has a few things over the Roland:

    -Better velocity-crossfade abilities
    -Better sounding synth engine
    -Alternate Modes: this is a feature that lets you make sounds cut
    each other off. It's kind of technical, but it's a nice feature.

    Long story short, I'd reccomend it highly if you're planning on doing a lot of melodic/percussive parts. If you just want a straight e-kit, than I'd put it at about par with the other modules.



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      I have a DTX V2.0 with TP80S pads with standard Yamaha pad mounts. It sounds good, the interface is outstanding, it allows you to control external midi instruments like samplers modules or even light controllers with all available CC #'s. You can assign cords automatically, layer 5 notes plus rim and mute sounds on one pad. Crossfade, alternate, hold cords and loops. Send MSB/LSB banks messages to control any advanced sound module. Sound is subjective, it's on a par with Roland TD5/7, I would use it in a professional setting, it doesn't sound like my E4XT but then I haven't heard a module that does. It certainly sounds as good as the Vclub or TD8, it has great low end, very punchy. I've heard the DTXpress sounds very good. It doesn't have all the features of the V2.0 though.
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