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downloading kits

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  • downloading kits

    i tried to upload a .td1 file of the patch page. when i went to upload to my td10, i got this message"file has incompatible vkit file version:10- you should probaly delete this file" am i doing something wrong? thanks~mike

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    (It would help if you updated your profile and told us what equipment you have.)

    If you have the tdw-1 installed, and you downloaded the vkitex software from the patches page, you should be downloading the patches in this file:
    They are non expanded kits converted to the TDW-1 format.

    There are 3 other files which should fall under the TDW-1 format:
    7 - BareNakd.zip (definitely TDW-1 format)
    Jazz.td1 (don't know, you'll have to try it)
    NeoJazzTweak1.td1 (99.9% probable it's TDW-1 format)

    I believe all other files are for the original TD-10.

    If you have the non-expanded TD-10, you will need the old software (which can be e-mailed to you) and you need to download the other files mentioned above.

    When Lee wrote the software for the expanded TD-10, he kept the same file extensions. So, it's somewhat confusing as to which patch works with which software. I don't know why the webmaster didn't leave the old software available for download and keep a separate page for each format.

    Adding TDW-1 or exp to the filename for new additions would be a good idea too.

    Hope this explains it.
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      yeah, i do have the tdw-1 upgrade. thank you for helping me.