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What would be a good first sampler?

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  • What would be a good first sampler?

    The SPD-S got me thinking. If I got a sampler, I could trigger it with my spd11. Any suggestings. I'm thinking the Korg Eletribe S might be a good starter. Let me know what you think.


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    It really depends on what kind of stuff you want to do with the sampler. If your goal is achieving realistic acoustic drums, neither the Electribe nor the SPD-S is suitable. If you want to do soundeffects, eletronic beats, loops perhaps, they may be a good choice. I don't know if the Electribe handles loops nicely, but you can load your own samples (believe it has 4mb) and make some cool 'sequences' as well.



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      If you just need a sampler to trigger the odd effect from the SPD-11 you could try the Roland SP-303 but if it is to trigger a complete set then due to the limited polypongy of the SP(cutting off voices) you could try an EMU ESI-2000 (just discontinued) or a used better spec'd EMU or Akai sampler.

      If it just for home use you could use your PC/Mac with a software sampler like Native Instruments Battery using MIDI interface on your computer.

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