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Controlling my own monitor mix

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  • Controlling my own monitor mix

    I'm going with a in-ear monitor to try and retain what little hearing I have left and to be able to hear sequences, etc. We don't always have an expert sound engineer to help with hookups, so my question is where do I get a feed off the main board of the final mix of the whole band? Never had to deal with this issue before, since the stage volume was more than enough. Also, besides the stereo panning effect, is there any difference in sound quality when going from using Master L and R to just Master L (mono) output?

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    Depending on the board, you should be able to get your monitor mix from a sub-out group or an aux-out group, either of which will enable some control over your monitor mix.

    I ran my TD-10 w/ exp module through just the main L (mono) out to the mixing board once in practice and didn't like the sound compared to using main L & R.

    But IMHO you might want to consider running 4 separate outs (if you have them) from your drum module for Kick, Snare Toms and Cymbals. What I'm doing is running the Kick to the Main Output of the T-10, panned center. Main Out L goes to the mixing board and Main Out R goes to my Roland KC-500, which I use as my stage monitor. The Snare goes to Direct Out 1 panned center with Direct Out 1 L to the mixing board and Direct Out 1 R to the KC-500. Hi-hat & cymbals go to Direct Out 2 in the same manner and all the Toms to Direct Out 3. This gives the sound man some control over the drums for the main mix, while I control what I (and the band)hear on stage through the KC-500. You could do the same with your in-ear montitors by running the R Outs (if you have them) from your drum module to a small powered mixer right next to you that you could control. Your "soundman" could then give you a sub-mix of whatever else you want to hear back to your personal mixer and in-ear monitors.

    PS. Our guitar player runs the mixing board himself up on stage which makes for a lot of fun(don't ask).


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