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SPD20 external input help

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  • SPD20 external input help

    Hello folks,

    I am new to post here, but have been lurking for some time now soaking up all your wonderful info.

    As I understand my SPD20 manual it has two dual trigger inputs and two single trigger inputs. I believe this because it says you can only plug a dual trigger pad like the PD120 into inputs 1 & 2.

    I currently have a PD6 (HH) and PD100 (snare) in the dual inputs. I have a footswitch (HH control) and KD7 (kick) in the single inputs. I would like maximize my inputs for the SPD20. So far so good, but then I learned about the whole Y-cable split concept, so i'm off and running again. I am attempting to split the dual inputs to hook up optimally two CY-6 pads for a crash and ride.

    I have had some luck with a 2 female stereo to 1 male stereo cable (PD100 and CY-6 into SPD20), but noticed that hitting the PD100 and CY-6 at the same time causes only one sound and not both (is this a limitation?). I believe this is the pezio and pezio/fsr split that has been discussed before. Could someone tell me why only one sound comes out when both are hit?

    What is strange is that I haven't had any luck with the PD6 and CY6 into SPD20. The CY6 is the pezio/fsr and the PD6 I assumed was just pezio, but it doesn't act the same as the PD100. Could someone tell me why the PD6 is acting different?

    I welcome your recommendations on the best way to set this poor-mans e-kit up?

    After I get it all working I will post a picture of it here.

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    expanding SPD-20

    Don't bother with trying to split the inputs between different triggers, it just doesn't work (I tried).

    Triggers one and two can be used for either piezo/FSR pads (PD7/9) or dual piezos like the PD-120. Logically, the insert cable idea should work, but what happens is that the module expects to have some "resonance" when the rim piezo is triggered in order to give you the rim sound and this doesn't work if you are trying to go across multiple pads.

    Now what you can do is convert your PD-100 to a dual piezo unit by installing a second piezo into the frame just to the left of where the main trigger is. You won't need a cone, just good glue (like perhaps wood glue?) to get it to stay to the frame. (This is how the PD-120 is set up). You'll need to use the 120 trigger setting in the SPD, but it will work just the same.


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      Re: SPD20 expansion

      I believe I understand why only one sound comes out with the two pads joined into a single cable. When the Y-cable goes into the module there is only one input and that input can be an "A" signal or "B" signal, thus only one sound or the other can be produced. Still investigating the PD6 thing though. I will be trying out a PD7 hopefully tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

      Question: What kind of trigger does the PD100 have in it?


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        Re: left vs. right channel differences?

        Thanks Albator,
        I can see that from your list the PD7 does not have the same sensors as the PD6 and PD100 do. Although I still have not been able to get the PD6 to do what the PD100 can do. I will have to fiddle with the settings some more.

        Question: Are there polarity (left vs. right) differences between the different pads? For example is the PD6 sending its signal on the left channel and the PD100 sending its signal on the right channel.