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V-Cymbol Crash sensitivity

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  • V-Cymbol Crash sensitivity

    My new CY-14C crashes (using TDW-1 w/V-Cymbol Control) sometimes will not trigger when hit, or I have to hit real hard and sometimes they trigger real loud. I've tried changing Sensitivity and Velocity, but can't get them right, is there something else i can do? Can someone give me some options?

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    Make sure the Roland emblem is facing you! The trigger zone (about 1/3 of the entire rim) is outlined on the back side. Hit inside that!


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      I am using bank 2 and the Roland emblem is on the far side.


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        How about checking your pan and mixer settings. Can you backup your kits and reintialize? If that doesn't work, it's a wire or broken cymbal issue.


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          For what it's worth, one of my two CY-6's has had this sort of issue since day 1. Sometimes it just doesn't trigger right. I can whack the stuffing out of it, and not get a hit, then I'll hit it with a regular stroke, and get a perfect sound. The other CY-6 (with the exact same settings) has no such problems. I've found a particular spot where I hit it to get better triggering, so I've been kinda just sucking it up, but at some point I should probably send it back for another... What's the warranty on Roland pads? I guess I'll have to pay to ship it to them, huh...
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