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    Greetings all,

    I'm back...still trying to decide how to proceed on using an acoustic snare (with batter head replaced with 10" v-cust nylon mesh head) with my TD-8. I am using a standard pintech adhesive trigger. It works ok, but nothing to write home to mom about. Harlock, you suggested the ddrum DDTTS piezo (sp?) trigger as a viable (and more importantly affordable) alternative that would give me rim shot capability without sacrificing one of my pd-7 pads. I like this idea very much and my internet research indicates that the ddrum DDTTS trigger is pretty affordable (and I think I can do even better by working my local guitar center drum gurus into submission) So, the question is does the ddrum trigger work and play well with the TD-8 brain? Any better or worse than other triggers? Thanks again for the great help! This is a whole new ball game for me and I really appreicate the hand holding. The new kit layout is awesome. I love what the new snare does for it (and my playing). Now, I just want it to sound like it looks and feels

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    PS: forgive my atrocious spelling of "trigger" in the topic line. I had not yet had my morning coffee


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      The ddrum triggers are the best triggers on this planet, but only if connected to the ddrum modules. When using another module the ddrum trigger will work as good (or as bad) as every other trigger. In that case the yellow Trigger Perfect triggers might be an option. Much cheaper too.


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        dear puttenvr,

        Thanks for the advice. I see what you mean about the ddrum triggers and the TD-8 brain. Makes sense. I guess they are all that way, heh? But, will the ddrum (or other peizo) trigger actually give me snare *and* rimshot capability plugged into the TD-8 brain? In other words, will plugging the trigger into the #3 input give me both snare and rimshot (while playing the acoustic snare rim) responses? This is ultimately what I need to know. And cheaper is always better Thanks again for the help.


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          The ddrum trigger is a stereo one. It needs a XLR cable which ends into 2 mono jacks for the ddrum modules. Those ddrum modules have separate inputs for snare and rim.

          As far as I remember the Roland modules have one stereo input for the snare. I don't know if you can connect the ddrum stereo snare trigger to the TD-8 stereo input. Theoretic it should work, but in practice ....


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            About the DDrum snare-trigger:
            I tried this one on the snare input (#2) of the TD-10ex, but the rim didn't work.
            But I must tell you I haven't put much work in investigating why it didn't work.
            Now I use a cymbal-input for the rimshot function of the DDrumtrigger and it works but I'm still not satisfied with the responseness of the rim, it has to be tweaked a little better, so much to do and so little time....

            By the way mudyax if choose for this solution please be so kind to post your most satisfactory settings.

            Grtz & Luck,


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              Thanks again for the feedback puttenvr and purplehaze. Thanks to your input and my research all day yesterday, I think I am finally honing in on at least *a* solution. Puttenvr, I feared as much with the ddrum trigger after I bounced around on the net reading various testimonials, warnings, advertisements etc. I have posed questions to ddrum techies, but they have not gotten back to me. I'll hunt them down again today. Here's where I am leaning at the moment...I spoke with Trigger Perfect (now pintech I just learned) and, while their peizo triggers are not any cheaper than ddrum, they swear up and down that their new 210APS dual zone trigger is exactly what I need and that it will work with the single stereo input configuration on the TD-8. So, I am leaning in the direction of trying out the 210APS. I am going to have them drop ship it to me with the proviso that, if it doesn't work, I want my money back. They will sell to me direct for US$61 + shipping. The ddrum peizo trigger is about the same price. So, the search continues. Purplehaze, I will definitely post my findings for you guys. I really feel like I am out here on the frontiers trying to pull this thing off. I'll beam some pics of my new "frankenstein" kit too, if you want Thanks again guys...and stand by.


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                Sad news if the Trigger Perfect now have the same price as the ddrum triggers. Formely they were 60 percent of the ddrum price. At least if you compare them with the professional ddrum triggers and not with the cheaper Red Shot series.

                Purplehaze, perhaps the wiring is a problem. ddrum solders the hot (signal) wire to pin 2 and the cold wire to pin 1 with a bridge to pin 3 and ground. In case of the snare drum trigger the rim trigger is soldered to pin 3. Perhaps the Roland modules get there snare on pin 1.


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                  Yea, I was a bit surprised to find that the Trigger Perfect triggers are up there in cost with the ddrums. I scored the Trigger Perfect (now Pintech) 210 APS (apparently a new release)for US$61 + shipping direct from the manufacturer. The best price I found on the dual zone ddrum DDTTS trigger was US $59.95. So, I went with the yellow because they appear to be far less proprietary in terms of their compatibility with a suite of other manufacturer's control modules than ddrums. So, this is encouraging for me. Although, I do like red better than yellow The trigger should arrive here tomorrow or monday at the latest. I will post results of my little foray into acoustic drum triggering with the TD-8 brain here as soon as I can work up the data. Stay tuned. Thanks.


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                    Well Puttenvr,
                    maybe you got a point here...wiring.
                    I will check this out and try the connection all over again.
                    I mean if the TriggerPerfect works, the least I can do is give the Ddrum another try.

                    Grtz & Thnx, Mike


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                      My Trigger Perfect 210APS dual zone trigger should arrive today. I will plug it into my TD-8 brain and let you know how it works ASAP. I am excited about the possibilities the trigger presents, but cautiously skeptical