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td 8 cy12 ride problem - same as td 10 ?????

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  • td 8 cy12 ride problem - same as td 10 ?????

    Hi all,

    I have recently got and am now playing around with the settings of the TD* KV kit.

    The ride cymbel - I'v read all the threads on the Bell problem that happens to the CY-15R & TD 10. The "tape fix".

    I also seem to have the same bell ride problem on the CY-12 R/C and the TD-8. ( hit it with a ton of bricks)

    Is this normal or do I need to do the "fix" or is there some other setting I need to make .

    I've checked the software and it's the latest version.

    Any suggestions ??????


    Roland TD12 V- kit,VH12 hi hat, Hart Prosnare, Hart Ecymbals II 14' Crash & China, 9' splash, DB Tech' S400, Axis double pedals, sonor twin effect and no feckin talent