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TD-8 and SPD-20 MIDI battle

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  • TD-8 and SPD-20 MIDI battle

    Finally, somewhere that might have users who grasp the whole Roland drum brain thing!

    I'm struggling slowly but surely through the MIDI challenges involved in my setup (SPD-8, SPD-20 and a TD-8 with VDrum pads), but there are 2 issues that keep resurfacing.

    First, the SPD-8 only seems to be able to trigger a sorely limited amount of sounds from the SPD-20, and those sounds won't edit at all. Suggestions on unlocking the deep dark secrets to this?
    The second problem is much harder to explain. I'm using all the trigger inputs on the TD-8, plus it's being triggered by 3 of the 8 SPD pads via MIDI. I was able to "find" the room for these on the TD-8 by scrolling down the note # on each SPD pad (channel 10) until the Edit screen on the TD-8 showed a trigger sounding that wasn't one of the VDrum pads plugged into the back. In other words, I have the 3 SPD pads registering as triggers plugged into the back ot the TD-8, as least as far as the TD-8 is concerned. Those 3 sounds are completely programmable, just like the triggers plugged into the back of the TD-8.

    How do I get the TD-8 to recognize the other 5 pads? I can't seem to get the TD-8 to recognize any other note numbers coming in from the SPD-8, with the exception of a series of percussion sounds. They'll trigger from the TD-8, but the Edit mode on the TD doesn't seem to realize the sounds are triggering.

    Hope the second one made sense. Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

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    Thank you very much! Now I just need to get some time to check that out. I'll let you know if it deals with it.