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PD-80 vs. PD-80R

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  • PD-80 vs. PD-80R

    One of my latest pad purchases on my (feels like) neverending quest to max out my trigger inputs was a PD-80. From various previous discussions on this board, I believe that the only difference between this and the PD-80R is the presence of a second piezo module to allow for the dual triggering capability present in that pad. I've already taken the head off mine and the input jack has three solder legs, one of which isn't used.

    My question to the community here is: Can someone who owns the PD-80R pad (a V-Custom or V-Stage owner would be the most likeliest candidate) take a good look at their snare pad and tell me if they can spot the location of that second piezo for the rim trigger? Looking at my pad, the hollowed out section with the blank screw holes and the manufacturing date directly under the Roland name in the mesh head appears to be the spot.

    I'm not asking that anyone dissassemble their pad to find this info; just whether that second piezo can be spotted through the mesh head, preferably at the location specified above. Of course, if someone has a drum key that fits onto a power screwdriver and wants to tackle it....

    I'm aware that the brain modules don't support dual piezo triggers on the toms or cymbal inputs; the first two on the SPD-20 and the second on the TMC-6 do.

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    roland kindly sells spare piezos and stuff - uk support is really good.
    i upgraded one of my PD80s to a PD80R myself before bothering to see if anyone had documented this - it's easy and works fine.
    but yes there's absolutely no point because only one input of the td8 -the snare input- sees two piezos.
    separate triggering of rim and head involves loits of crosstalk cancellation, albator reckons it works but i don't.
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      Wow, thanks Albator!

      What bad quality, those pictures were excellent!

      Just one more (minor) question: What material to you use to make the mounting plate? Is it metal, brass, or something else?


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        PD-80 to PD-80R

        This was the method I used to do both of mine. (I have no easy method of fabricating that plate.)

        Both work fine, although the one hooked to my SPD-20 will trigger the rim if the center of the pad is struck hard. I suspect this is in the SPD module- the only trigger type that allows for dual piezo is "120" and there aren't a lot of variables that can be adjusted for this...

        One thing that Feef didn't mention was that the three screws that secure the plate to the hard plastic housing are also available- at over $3 each! Any decent hardware store would have something like this, should one not already a bunch in their "spare parts" area.